Crime Prevention

Supporting young people to maximise their choices in order to live a more meaningful life.


Motion Training Solutions is committed to delivering the following core principles:

  • Quality training – We are a professional organisation, committed to providing outstanding training and development.
  • Our ability to be flexible and professional allows our trainers to work hard to ensure that the learners maximise their potential that training and development offers.
  • We strive to attain strong working relationships based on relationship and confidentiality and strive to empower parents, carers and professionals to recognise signs of offending behaviour.

 We are committed to continuous improvement and there for always encourage feedback.

'Disarm' Training Course

Disarm is a bespoke knife prevention programme for young people, parents, carers and professionals aimed at reducing knife related violence. This course uses blended learning styles and engagement to examine some of the core reasons to why some young people, carry or use knives. This accredited programme will enable its learners to gain a greater understanding of the impact of knife violence.

'Raise' Training Course

Raise is a bespoke robbery prevention programme for young people, carers, parents and professionals, aimed at reducing theft robbery. This course examines the different types of robberies and the detailed planning involved. This course also explores strategies to keeping safe from becoming a victim of theft robbery. This accredited course will enable the learners to gain a greater understanding of the effects of theft robberies.

Committed to people, committed to the community

Feel Safer

A Crime Prevention Intervention

We at Motion Training Solutions are committed to empowering individuals to reducing the likelihood of offending behaviour.

  • Communication
  • Openness
  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Honesty
  • Positivity
  • Motivation
  • Support
  • Safeguarding

Offences involving a knife or sharp instrument

Total knife offences in England and Wales over the past six years

  • 45% 45%


knife incidents

  • 50% 50%


knife incidents

  • 60% 60%


knife incidents

  • 73% 73%


knife incidents

  • 88% 88%


knife incidents

  • 96% 96%


knife incidents

Our programmes support professionals to develop their understanding and skills to recognise the signs of offending behaviour.


Noel Wilson, was born and raised in the Aston area of Birmingham. After a very short career attempting to make it as a professional footballer, he explored coaching football for strikes at the Alexander Stadium. This was his first experience of working with young people, who had learning needs and from different cultural backgrounds . In 1996 he was employed as a senior residential worker within a therapeutic unit for vulnerable young women. This experience gave him a direct insight into the role of local authority care and the various complex needs that each young woman presented.  It was at this point that he gained an understanding to why many vulnerable young women are so much more susceptible to abuse and exploitation. In 2008 he studied at Bournville college and passed in Counselling Skills Level 3. This equipped Noel with the skills to adopt the theory of motivational questioning styles when engaging with young people.

In 2001 he secured employment with the Birmingham Youth Offending Service, the Intensive Supervisions and Surveillance Programme. It was here where he gained knowledge of young people within the criminal justice system and youth offending.  

In 2011 Noel graduated from Birmingham City University with a diploma in professional studies post-compulsory education and training. It was at this point he started using blended learning such as visual, auditory and role play, which he integrated within delivering group and one to one interventions.  From his experience of delivering training Noel felt that he could make a difference by writing and delivering bespoke training courses that are worthy of accreditation, which in turn gives the learners a sense of achievement.  Noel now delivers workshops and courses nationally and is the founder of Motion Training Solutions.

Group Training

Our group work is highly participatory and interactive. Our experienced trainers support their learners through a series of exercises using problem solving, critical thinking and role play to generate open discussions. We aim to create the safe space necessary for self-reflection and sharing.

Lets make things better

At Motion Training Solutions we offer various bespoke training programmes and courses. Our training supports practitioners to develop their confidence and skills to identify and support individuals they engage with.  We are a professional organisation, committed to providing outstanding training and development.

Building on experiences

We are not scripted in the way we work and don’t provide all the answers. We rather encourage our learners to recognise and understand their existing skills and support them to build upon them. Our focus is on encouraging learners to discover change themselves rather than tell them. Our experience is that the more the learners share of themselves the more positive outcomes will be achieved.